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The 5 Elements


Our Services and Training Is based on GODAI - JAPANESE PHILOSOPHY OF FIVE ELEMENTS, originated from Buddhism


With the world we live in,  we all need to have a balance in our lives. We encourage to use the five elements to maintain balance of ife. We provide services that help improve your flexibilty, excess, enhance energy, improves daily stress in life and more.

Below are the power of each elements in our lives:

地 CHI – Earth’s Power signifies strength, foundation aswell as keeping a balance 

水 SUI – Water’s Power is to keep the soul clean by removing things which is not to be. Signifies adaptability, reflection or wisdom.

火 KA – Fire’s Power activate the senses and body that makes the heart warm.

Reflexion of joy, enthusiasm, and emotional connection.

風 FU – Wind ‘s Power is to be able to share thoughts and feeling to others, keeping the soul  connected

空 KU – Air’s Power is to be able to empty thoughts effortlessly to stillness, or silence. It is a connect to unlimited power, which you may call it higher-self.

Elements of Zen Health and Wellness Services/Training Application from Five Elements


  • Everything is about Energy – Let energy flow by using each element associated with specific meridians or energy pathways into your body. The Five Element Treatment focuses on balancing the flow of energy (Qi) through these meridians to re-energize and restore the body and mind.
  • Emotional and Physical Balance – By addressing the specific emotional needs of  the body, it will contribute towards an emotional balance and enhance overall mental and physical needs.
  • Internal Organ and The Body System: The five elements provides a specific treatment for your internal organs and body systems. We have a Treatment tailored to support the body system.
  • Heal Through Holistic The mind, body, and spirit are connected. It seeks. When the physical body is under discomfort  all follows, that includes emotional and mental imbalances. Providing specific holistic approach hepls clients to overcome the uncertainty.
  • Personalized and one on one Approach: Our Five Element Treatment can be tailored to suit our clients specific needs. Through complimentary consultations , we are able to know the specific concerns and help your specific areas of concern and provide alternative help with the client
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Thank you Cristine for the best massage I’ve had in years. You worked miracles and I’ll definitely be back soon xx

Joanna Spray

Joanna Spray


Just had the most wonderful massage this evening. It was a calm relaxing environment and an amazing experience. Cristina is lovely and I feel completely Zen ! Thank you Cristina x

Sonya McCormick

Sonya McCormick


Had a fabulous full-body massage with Cristina. She explains everything and also did cupping to my shoulders. Feeling so relaxed!

Jess Boulain

Jess Boulain

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