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Reusable Make Up Remover Bamboo Organic Cotton 18 Pads by BAMBUZEN

Are you tired of buying disposable expensive make up removal pads like wipes?No worries anymore because our“BAMBOO ORGANIC COTTON”reusable pads are great alternative for you. Below are the reasons why:

✅SAVE YOUR MONEY WITH A BETTER LIFESTYLE– Our pads are roundly double stitch that makes it durable. It can be wash in hand or washing machine1000X to use all over again, that saves your moneythan using disposable pads. Crazy thing is your skin texture clean deeply in a natural way while giving a huge impact on our planet by reducing your own waste and better lifestyle.
✅SAVE THE PLANET & LOVE FOR ENVIRONMENT– Help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere for a cleaner and healthier environment, shows our love to our planet.
✅SAVE YOUR SKIN – We designed our pads with love and care with all skin type. We make sure that each of the pad is made from a natural bamboo and organic cotton

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About this item

  • ❤️ECONOMICAL AND 100% ECO-FRIENDLY- Our reusable/washable bamboo cotton pads are a great way of saving the environment while saving your money. Instead of buying/throwing normal pads after use, our pads can be wash and reuse 1000X. It is a way of replacing your expensive makeup remover with a big saving on your pocket while helping the environment leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction.
  • ❤️LUXURIOUSLY SOFT, GENTLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – Feels like a queen with our super soft bamboo organic cotton pads, made from superior quality for cleansing your skin. Gentle, effectively use for sensitive, combination, even in delicate eye area or baby’s skin. Remove waterproof makeup, deep clean eye shadow/mascara/lipstick. Apply toner, moisturizer to face/neck and sunscreen or any cosmetics without discomfort. Nothing you can ask for, all you need are in one customised box.
  • ❤️VERSATILE USE/PROUDLY GIFT FOR YOUR LOVE ONES- Made of Super Soft bamboo and organic cotton pads, durable, versatile use for your pets, for cleaning smartphone screen, sunglasses or for removing nail polish. Also a great gift to be proud of, not only you give them a pads which is good for their skin at the same time both of you contributed to the environment.
  • ❤️GETTING INVOLVE WITH POWERFUL PRODUCTS – It’s the little things that make a difference!- The manufacturer donates a percentage of our profits to charities committed to helping the environment, schools and community. Best decision we ever make, 100% satisfaction guaranteed to our objective in helping others.

-Preferably wash the pads before the first use Wet/dry pad when applying your face cleanser or toner
-Gently move the pads in circular motion, use the other side to completely clean all any remaining makeup
-Place the pads in laundry bag to avoid disappearing in the washer
-Wash in washing machine preferably 30 degrees
-Have the option to use machine drying with pads inside the laundry bag or to dry them by air line drying
Bamboo Organic Cotton Pads – 2 layers
70% Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton
9X with Yellow Thread and 9X with Dark Green Thread
Size: 8 cm
Cotton Laundry Bag
100% Cotton /Size: 15*18cm
Storage Reusable Box
Size: 9*9*9 cm
Weight: 126g including all the products
Free:Extra Portable/Laundry Bag
100% polyester/Size:18*20 cm
80% bamboo,20% Polyester/Size:9*60cm


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